Patrick and I arrived in Trabzon with the full day ahead of us, as the plane we took from Ankara left at 8:30 and the flight was about an hour long. When we got off the plane I saw the familiar Havas buses that I used from the airport in Ankara. This bus cost 5 […]

Last Few Days in Ankara

The last few days in Ankara went by in the blink of an eye. I was doing some studying (although, to be honest, I didn’t really do too much studying for too many of my classes), writing my exams, organizing the things I collected, and even shipping what I didn’t need home. Shipping a very […]

ESN Trip to Olympos, Turkey

This past weekend I went on the METU Erasmus Student trip to Olympos! This is a place known for it’s lemons, I learned, and also for it’s tree houses. I am happy to say that we did stay in Tree houses. I wish they were a bit higher up in the trees and actually in […]

Amasra City

This is the weekend I spoke and heard the most English and the least Turkish. It was also the weekend that I felt relaxed most, but I don’t honestly think there is a correction between those first two sentences. It is the weekend that I went to Amarsra City with Alex (who is also from […]

Busy, busy times!

Merhaba! I cannot believe how busy I have been with my time since my dad and his girlfriend left. Where to start, where to start? I played Ultimate Frisbee on campus with a group of friends a week ago now! I love this activity so much! A couple Turkish girls joined us to play and […]