A Week in Poland Beforehand

Feb. 12/2016

My Turkey trip will begin in only a couple of days now, it is down to a matter of hours. I just can’t believe it. It has been a year since I was the person accepted from the University of Calgary to go for the spring semester of 2016 to METU.

I began my 6 month adventure almost a week ago now. I have been traveling in Poland with one of my best friends, Monika. She is Polish and has been living here for 6 months or so now. I decided to come and visit before my Turkey adventure begins.

I flew into Warsaw on February the 6th and Monika met me at the airport. It was wonderful to see this international friend of mine again, finally. It had been a year since we’d seen each other. I followed her lead onto a bus and we went directly to the place she has been staying to drop off my stuff.

We then went to a cute little cafe where we each had a Pasztecik Wegetarianski, and then we went and explored old town together. There were a lot of stairs in places and cobble stones but I did expect all of this, really. There was the river that separates the city and a beautiful place that water fountain shows get put on in the summer. It is really different for me to be in Europe in the winter time. It has a very different feel to it for sure. There is a chilly breeze in which my warmest clothes are necessary to keep me warm.

While exploring Old Town of Warsaw Monika and I came across a large political rally of people. “Goodness gracious”, I thought, “This was the one thing my exchange advisor back home really stressed to me that I should stay away from. I did not expect to come across it in Poland.” But we turned around the other way after seeing the police carrying huge tanks… we saw about 15 police cars waiting on the streets after walking away from there too. It was a little unsettling for me on my first day in Poland. But having Monika beside me knowing the language and street layout was very comforting to me.

The next day we went to a park called Łazienki Park and it was SUCH a beautiful place. I would definitely recommend going to this park if you ever find yourself in Poland. 🙂


Monika involved me in a lot of her regular activities there which I thought was super neat of her to do! She arranged for me to come to the micro-biology lab that she has been working in and help out a bit one day. We did many tasks and here is a picture after her supervisor cut out a very small something from a jelly-type other something… 😛


Later that night Monika took me to her Salsa lesson and I got to participate in a Salsa class all in Polish! It was quite the experience. 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me.

We spent sometime at her dad’s house in Poland. He has a beautiful piece of property there! We went for a long and enjoyable (bush-waking at times) walk with the dogs and rode some horses too! We also played some board games together which was awesome! I am a little allergic to horses though… you can tell by my eyes. But it was enjoyable!


Monika and I took a short trip to the popular city of Krakov (by a 4 hour bus ride on the way there and a 2 hour train ride on the way back).

We played BattleShip and GuessWho!

In this city we stayed in an 8 person dorm room hostel called B-Movie and it was well worth it for the minimal cost, I would say. There was wifi, a kitchen, and comfy common areas too. 🙂 In Krakov we also went to a very popular Salt Mine which was very cool! It was called Wieliczka.


-And Suddenly the week was somehow over. 😦 But it was time for my Turkey Exchange to BEGIN!




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