It’s Been Almost a Week Here

So just three days after I arrived I was going to go into the city for the first time with the Middle East Technical University’s International Students group. I went to the spot to meet which as at the Rektörlük; this building looks like this:


…but when I got to this building I found out that there had been a bombing in the city. It was a really eerie feeling for me. I had high suspicions that something like that would happen while I was here. It has been happening fairly regularly for the past few years now, but to actually feel that over 25 people died in the city twenty minutes ago, only a 15 minute bus ride away, shock me up just a bit. I questioned my safely here, wondered when and where it will happen next, how I could limit my chances of that happening to me.

I am lucky to go to a campus here that is a bit of a distance out of the city. Something could happen here but it is such a vast space that I don’t think it would affect too much of campus (at least I do hope that..) if something were to happen here. I can not believe how HUGE it really is. I do feel very safe in this campus. It has a friendly feel to it, and there are so many animals everywhere! I also like that there are so many trees on campus. I feel like I am also an animal living here in the forest.

I found these little guys in a pond outside of the Psychology building on campus.

Needless to say, many of the orientation activities for us have been cancelled due to the bombing. People are mourning the loss of their loved ones who died or who were injured and will never lead lives the same way anymore. I guess some of the metro lines need repairing now too near the area..

An activity that was not cancelled was a bus trip to a lake called Eymir that is on campus. It was such a beautiful lake!

Today I did go into the city for the first time! I didn’t really see all that much but I got a feel for the city. I had some very typical turkish food for Lunch and Lunch Dessert. The image on the left below was meet ontop of bread with a tomato type sauce and yogurt. It is called Iskander. The image on the right was the traditional dessert and it is called Künefe. I really really liked this one. It has some sort of whipped creme on top and ground up pistachios. The main part of it tastes kind of like shredded hash browns (but different…) and sweet cheese mixed in. I really enjoyed the both of them today. 🙂

I can’t believe it has almost been one week that I have lived in Turkey!


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