Almost Another Week in Turkey!

On Wednesday night of this week I slept over at BeIMG_1360tül’s house!! I really enjoyed that 🙂 I really appreciate our friendship for so many reasons. There is something so special about it; I have never before met someone one day and became such great friends with them in a matter of hours, as I did with her.


I attended 3 more classes this past week after I last wrote about. I went to Handball on Tuesday morning, and we didn’t do too much at all, but, trust me, I am still feeling all that we did do on Thursday (it is a Tues/Thurs class – but the rest of my classes are one time a week). That class will be good for me. 😛 Tuesday I also attend Psychology of Disasters. The professor was very welcoming of me into her class. She thanked me for giving her a good excuse to speak English. I thought being a teacher in an English university was a good excuse but, apparently, it is not. The class that I attended on Wednesday, which is called Drama for Early Childhood Education, will be 60% in Turkish I was warned. She said I am welcome to take the class if I want, and, since I already have a great friend in it (Betül), I figured it would be a good way to learn Turkish and experience Drama here 🙂

Let me talk about the Turkish Class they offer here for international students for a bit here. I have already mentioned this, but there are about 200 of us and there is one class with spots for only 25 people. Why does that math not add up??? If you know ANY Turkish you’re not supposed to take the class. I want to learn Turkish (and have wanted to and been seeking out to learn it for the past year) and I wish I could take a class for credit to help me do that, but I guess I am on my own here with that. Turkish people are generally very nice in helping me to learn their language day by day but there are SO many words in a language!!!

I also cold emailed the Classical Guitar and Piano teachers here (because the rooms and times were not announced not the online website) asking if I could be a part of their class. The Classical Guitar instructor emailed me back and is going to let me take their class!!! They will be on Monday evenings, so I will have my first one in a couple days here! I am really looking forward to it! 🙂

I decided not to take Psychology of Memory, which is really sad for the following two reasons:

  1. It would have been my third class with Betül!
  2. The content is really, really interesting to me.

But it would have sucked for the following two reasons:

  1. The work load in the class is very heavy and would have required me to read a journal article, write a critical reflection about it, and submit it weekly by Monday at 9 am.
  2. Would have left me with three classes on Mondays (and more classes than I need to take here).

That’s something else. Many people I meet here are taking many classes. Six to eight classes seems normal around here. I don’t know how these students do it!! I am in 5 classes, which is more than I have taken since my first semester, when I accidentally took that many. The reason I am taking 5 is because it transfers back to my home university as 4 classes, and that is how many I need to finish my degree!!!

Alex (the one other Canadian here) was saying how it is possible to get bored here. I didn’t believe him until Friday when I experienced it. I think it is such a cool thing that I can feel bored while “traveling”. I suppose I am an expat, I am living in Turkey!! So maybe that’s the difference, but it is also a new experience to me to live in another place that is not my home city. I like that feeling too 🙂

Today I felt more like a tourist than I have felt in Turkey yet. Alex, Betül, Uğur (her boyfriend), and myself went to Anıtkabir and the city’s Castle! Anıtkabir is the place where  Atatürk is buried. He was the one who gave Independence and Freedom to the country of Turkey, to my understanding. He seemed like a really remarkable man from all that I read and saw at Anıtkabir today.

The Ankara castle is not what I expected it would be like at all. Though I did try, it is impossible to capture in a photo. To experience it you really have to go there. I felt like I was on top of Ankara looking down and all around at the city. I could see out in all directions. It was peaceful and incredibly vast.


I have really been enjoying all my time here! 🙂 ❤



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