Exciting Times!

I am loving every minute of every day here. I love speaking Turkish (or trying to :P), love the friends that I have made, love exploring the city and figuring out how to do things here, I love my own space, I love the campus here, love my classes, I feel calm and relaxed here more so than I did in Calgary. I, truly, love every minute of every day here!!

Besides those things, I have had two extremely exciting things happen this week!!!

Firstly, I received an email from my exchange advisor here on Monday. Before I received this email I thought that I was the only one paying so much for this opportunity. But now I don’t have to think that because my home university has signed to part of the Erasmus program and now I will actually be given a grant to study here!!

Secondly, after my drama class last week I was approached by the assistant teacher. She said that she was thinking I would be perfect to tutor her 7 year old son English! So I did that yesterday. He was so cute! He also has a pretty strong basis in English already, so he was chatting with me about all sorts of things. I found myself repeating after him. And it was really interesting with his pronunciation of the word “ball”, for example. After I repeated it a few times within the conversation, he started to say it more like me! I thought that was incredibly neat! I feel very fortunate that I will get to work with his boy for an hour every week 🙂



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