First Time into the City Alone And Residence Permit Sh..

On Thursday of last week I worked up the courage to take the Dolmuş into the city for the first time by myself and make my way to the Residence Permit office here. Someone posted in our International Students Facebook Group that it is easy enough to just take a Dolmuş from here to Ayranci. The residence permit office is located at HOŞDERE CADDESİ NO:144 ÇANKAYA/ANKARA. It is is a 5 minute walk back down the hill and the first left up the many coloured stairs to the main street where it is just off to the right on the opposite side of the street. It is even the last stop on the Dolmuş to Ayranci. So… it’s relatively easy to get to. But to actually get a residence permit is nearly impossible.

I didn’t even know what the word bureaucracy meant before I left canada, to be honest. Now, however, I feel like it is a necessary word to have in my vocabulary here. The bureaucracy is shit. To put that lightly… They have an online system you need to register through and book an appointment to become a resident of Turkey if you are staying in Turkey for longer than 90 days in a 180 day period. The booking of an appointment online is the only way to begin the process, and it doesn’t work. Çalışmıyor. 

So that’s really frustrating.

On Thursday I took the Dolmuş to the last stop and went to the office to get them to help me with it. They were friendly but very busy and I waited for maybe an hour for them to tell me that I should just change up some of the details in my application and they will fix them when I come in for the appointment. I suppose I should have just made them let me do it there because when I got back to campus. I tried what they had told me, and, sure enough, still Çalışmıyor.

So. That’s where I’m at with that. It was an accomplishment, but only in the sense that it was the first time I felt capable of traveling around without the help of a Turkish student friend for once!


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