A Quiet Weekend in Ankara

This weekend was rather boring actually. I didn’t think I would be able to get bored in another city on an exchange, and it really hasn’t happened too much, but it does happen! It’s a neat feeling because I really feel like I am living here and not a tourist.

IMG_2706This weekend I found an outdoor exercise park
really close to campus, and I found myself walking here Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to get some exercise. And I really enjoyed it! I enjoyed getting away from the gated-in campus, I enjoyed the fresh air and I enjoyed the exercise. I’m so glad that I adventured this way and stumbled upon this area!


One of my best friends, Shania, from back home recommended Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 3.03.53 AMThe Fall to me and I started watching the first episode of the first season on Friday evening after her and I skyped. I couldn’t believe how fast it sucked me in. I am not huge into TV watching but this one caught my attention within a matter of minutes and consumed 10 hours of my weekend. To the right is a screen shot of one of the lead characters being portrayed by the mirror as two people. This show is so fantastic!

The third thing I did this weekend was write and record a song!!!




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