Showing my Dad METU!

Having my dad here in Ankara was a really great time for me! I really enjoyed showing him around the campus that I have been living at for the past two months. Due to stupid dormitory rules I couldn’t actually show him my room on campus but I did show him my dorm building common areas. I also showed him some of the buildings I go to every day here: the psychology department, the library and music department, and Çati (which is one of the most popular places to eat on campus).

At Çati some of my friends met with me there and my dad got to meet them and they got to meet my dad too. I don’t actually meet with friends there all that often. So, even though the day was full of socialization, it was nice.

After eating lunch we went to the Aerospace and Technology museum on campus (which I hadn’t been to before). It was also again a couple friends, my dad, and I. My dad really enjoyed this museum and I thought it was very well put together and interesting for a free museum on campus. There was even a science centre building that we got to explore in for a few minutes before it closed.

Then we went back to the dorm of one of the friends and sat in the common area chatting while he did laundry. I got to introduce everyone there to the chocolate bar that my roommate introduced to me. This chocolate bar is chocolate covered around crackers. I am not able to do a good enough description of this chocolate bar but it is actually so good.

After a while the other friend suggested that we go to his place. We could actually go in his dorm because he is a masters student (and I guess the rules change when you’re doing a post degree after your undergrad…). I really enjoyed seeing the layout of his room. They really were as great as I imagined them to be. They are the best dorms on campus (I’ve heard) followed by the one I live in, EBI 2 🙂

At this point my friend showed my dad the power of his drones from a really awesome spot on campus where we had a 360 degree view of campus and greater Ankara. It got darker as we watched the sun set and eventually we began star watching and this was unbelievably beautiful!!!

We all went for dinner at a place in Çarsi (the main shopping mall on campus). We walked there on a really beautifully lit path that I had never taken before. My dad got to try Iskander at this place and we had Ayran too. 🙂 The evening grew from conversation into a riddle evening. We spent about an hour trying to figure out one of the riddles using coloured straws, salt and pepper shakers, and condiment packets on the table. We closed down the place. And it was Awesome!!!


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