Busy, busy times!


I cannot believe how busy I have been with my time since my dad and his girlfriend left.

Where to start, where to start?

Ultimate!I played Ultimate Frisbee on campus with a group of friends a week ago now! I love this activity so much! A couple Turkish girls joined us to play and they were really hard core, which I liked, but I can’t say that I’ve ever played (and continued to play) in the rain before. It got rather muddy rather quick and people we slipping and falling a bit. Çok Kaydu! I think everyone did have a lot of fun with it for the most part though 🙂

That night we went to a movie in the malls just off of IMG_3732_2campus. We went to see the new Captain America movie and it was in English with Turkish subtitles. The movie was in 3D and all I kept thinking was I wonder if it is supposed to look like it’s just the subtitles popping out at me? But I enjoyed the experience. There were single comfy chairs or love seat couches as options for seats and we had assigned seats, which is different than Canada.

Maria and I!

The day after, I went Paintballing for the first time near to METU with a large group of international students. I think that I won’t be trying this again. I didn’t not have fun but I also didn’t have fun with it either..

That night I went out to a bar close to the Armada shopping mall with my friend, Maria, and her two friends. We went to a place called Dublin to see my friends roommate, Eda, perform. IMG_3768Eda is part of a band here too. Her band was SO good and they perform 5 times every week! Maria, her two friends, and I followed Eda and her band to their next performing location that night to their 1 am performance at a club. This was an entirely different setting than the first sit down pub-type place. The second place was very crowed and everyone was standing facing the stage dancing!

I came back to my dorm at 3:30 am, and, because of the rules here, Maria and I had to sign our names because we were after midnight. Saçma but I don’t care because I’m only here for three more weeks. I can’t believe that the time has flown by so quick!

The next morning I woke up and neither of my roommates were here. So, I sat at my desk and wrote a song about my general feeling from the night before 🙂


IMG_3708_2I have been keeping active. Handball and outdoor exercising, same old, same old. BUT! I went to the swimming pool a couple of times, which takes about one minute to walk to from my dorm. It is just under 2 Lira each time, you must wear a swimming cap (which you can buy for 3 Lira out of the vending machine), and you can swim in the scheduled 75 minute blocks that occur back to back to back starting at 9 am.

I have been eating quite a lot at our cafeteria here for 2.15 Lira each time. And I love it there! Though sometimes I have accidentally taken two of something I am only supposed to take one of.. oops. But most times I find that their food is very Turkish and enjoyable. FOR ANY FUTURE METU STUDENTS WHO DO NOT SPEAK TURKISH:

You have to, Step 1 apply for your student card online, step 2 wait, step 3 pick up your card from your exchange advisor, step 4 go to the cafeteria (which is between the Recktorlik building and the library) and load money on your machine (you do this by inserting your card and then choosing the option that has a picture of a paper bill if you will use paper money or the one with coins if you will use coins – then you insert the money, wait, and then press the third option to exit the screen. – It’s honestly pretty straight forward and I don’t think it would be possible to mess up. But, instructions here, just incase 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had a midterm this past week in my guitar class and it frustrated me so much that we had to write our names on a list and wait around to play our piece for the exam. I was number 28 and, two hours later, I played it and left two minutes later… In Canada I am almost 100% certain that anywhere we would just sign up for 5 minute intervals and then I could have been there at 8:35 pm, as an example.

The next night I walked down to my band rehearsal (which is a solid half an hour walk) and then I learned it was cancelled and I did the exact same thing Wednesday too. Arg. I can’t blame anyone here because I suppose that I could have confirmed before I left my dorm but I had confirmed four days before and then on the Tuesday for the day after (Wednesday) but… I don’t know.

Thursday was the second time that I met in the Studio withIMG_3793 this band that I am going to perform with in less than a week at the Erasmus End of the Year party!!! I am so excited!!! But also a bit nervous too…

Also last week was Spring Festival on campus! Most Turkish people where saying that it wasn’t as good this year but, perhaps since I didn’t have pervious years to compare it to, I really enjoyed the small market that was on campus to buy things at and the Turkish music in the park between Carsi and the Cafeteria 🙂 I really enjoyed the feel on campus of the Festival but I do agree that it could have been a bigger thing.

As I already said.. I can not believe that my time here has almost come to an end. I am getting so sad thinking about it! 😦

I have made some truly wonderful friends. I have learned about Turkish culture and the language. Somehow, even, I feel like I acquired some Turkish blood in me ❤

Today I went to a small place about an hour and a half outside of Ankara called Beypazarı. I went there with my Turkish friends that I made on my very first day of classes here, Betül and Ugur, and also the other Canadian, Alex, that I met in orientation week in the middle of February. It was a very pleasant day filled with Carrots and Carrot suyu, as well as a Hamam museum and a “Living” museum. 🙂 I enjoyed the quality time together!!



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