Last Few Days in Ankara

The last few days in Ankara went by in the blink of an eye. I was doing some studying (although, to be honest, I didn’t really do too much studying for too many of my classes), writing my exams, organizing the things I collected, and even shipping what I didn’t need home. Shipping a very heavy suitcase home from the post office on campus cost me 230 liras. Though this is expensive, I thought it was going to cost more and was relieved when he said and wrote down the price for me. Now I just have a large backpack of my things.

My phone stopped working for me. For some sad and weird reason. Phones are supposed to work for 4 months in Turkey without registering them but mine worked for 3 months. I suppose I was lucky that it worked for that long. It was good for me, I think, to re-experience not having data and constant connection to the internet. It made it more difficult to get together with friends in the last few weeks but it reminded me that data is very expensive in Canada and it is a luxury to have.

I couldn’t ask for a better way to finish my degree.

I am still going to be traveling around Turkey for the next three weeks. I am lucky. So many of the international friends that I made are going home very soon (but some of them are homesick and ready to be home anyways). A really good friend I made friends with, from the Ukraine, is actually staying for summer classes and the fall semester too! I wish I could do that but actually… I am graduated now!! Wow. Five years later and my degree comes to an end in Turkey. I feel like the luckiest person. My boyfriend even came here on Monday and we will travel together for the next two months. I will post about the places we travel in Turkey before we head to Greece, Italy, and Spain at the end of this month.

Patrick Arrives in Ankara
There he is coming into the Ankara Airport!








I made such wonderful Turkish friends. Specifically Betül (who I met in my very first class and instantly became best friends with) and Uğur, her boyfriend, have been so good to me here. I am really going to miss our friendship and being able to have tea together or lunch together or tea together or take a trip together or have tea together. We did have a lot of tea together. We had lots of laughs together too, no matter what activity we were doing, we always enjoyed our time together. Both of them, and others too (including my wonderful roommates!), give me a reason to come back soon. I have loved it here and I will come back. Bunu biliyorum 🙂

I am fortunate that so many goodbyes these past few days were so hard. It means I made real connections with people I really care about and wish there was more time to spend with on a regular basis. The time spent together in the future will be different, because it won’t be as lengthy, but it won’t be any less meaningful by any means. My friends I made here mean the world to me and I will live differently now because of every international friend I met. My life has been changed for good. ❤




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