IMG_5008Patrick and I arrived in Trabzon with the full day ahead of us, as the plane we took from Ankara left at 8:30 and the flight was about an hour long. When we got off the plane I saw the familiar Havas buses that I used from the airport in Ankara. This bus cost 5 TL each and took us into the city centre. I wish we would have known our hotel was just down the street from the Ataturk main plaza (the opposite direction from that all too tempting Burger King – Try the Cikolata Sufle if you ever get the opportunity!!).

We ended up at Burger King eating ice cream on top of warm chocolate cake. There were two men there that talked with us saying they were on the same flight as us, they already13434027_10154308598403179_1483137938_n had a spot on the second balcony, and that we could join them if we wanted. I wasn’t so overly keen on joining some strangers but Patrick wanted to, and, so we did. They were nice enough but socializing really exhausts me. They kindly offered to drive us to our hotel. We agreed for some reason (probably because we didn’t realize that it was just across the plaza down the street directly across the plaza from the Burger King) and when the roads allowed us to get there 10 or 15 minutes later they said they were scared for us because the place looked like it was for whores. – Thanks! They should learn to not judge hotels by their fronts though because this place was a nice place. Hotel Efe. If you are a book-by-the-cover or hotel-by-the-front judging type person I am telling you that this place was a nice one! Patrick and I both enjoyed our time there and the man in charge was very friendly. The place was more than adequate and affordable for us. 🙂

We spent the rest of our first day exploring on the same side of our hotel as the central plaza. We spent some time on the sea side (of the Black Sea) eating fish sandwiches and relaxing. At our hotel we booked our plans for tomorrow.


Tomorrow came after a night of sleeping! Wo, that’s crazy! 😛 We ate the Turkish breakfast included in the price of the hotel and then we waited at the front door for the dolmus to come pick us up. It drove us an hour and a bit to this lake called Uzungül. Two girls had attached onto us pretty quickly at a tea factory tour type thing we did on the way. They seemed amused by Turkish, which most people, to be honest, do. They knew very little English so we mostly conversed in Turkish. Sometimes they would look up full sentences and ask them to us – Here’s a tip. Looking up full sentences on Google Translate doesn’t translate properly, though it is good for single words 🙂

We ate lunch with these girls and did some shopping around the places around the lake. I think that the time would have felt really long without them; I found that the time we were given to do as we wanted at this place was a lot of time. But, the day was well enjoyed, even though we were hoping to visit the monastery in the hill with the day. It was closed for renovations unfortunately 😦

The last day in Trabzon we spent adventuring past the Burger King towards the old part of Trabzon. This was SO worth it! Çok güzel!!! What the city had done with the inside of the old castle was breathtaking. There were so many animals including frogs, lizards, turtles, ducks, and duck babies, and, of course, a few dogs and cats. There were trees, water, tables, nice pathways, and many flowers. I recommend this area of Trabzon. It was peaceful.


The manager of Hotel Efe was also nice enough to let us keep our hotel room until our bus left through METRO bus company that night at 5 pm. It was very hot out so Patrick and I were appreciative we could have a place to sleep a bit before the night bus ride (and a place to keep our things, of course). 16 hours of bus ride from 5:30 PM till 9:30 AM. Goodness gracious…

Also this restaurant (called Volkan) was our favourite in Trabzon. They were friendly and had good food, menus, and all of the food available on their menu!IMG_5041


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