How can you dry clothes in a cave???

  1. Don’t assume that you can. If it is too cold and moist they might not dry. They might just mold.
  2. Pay attention to the material of the clothing. If it is cotton fabric it is not good caving clothing.
  3. If there is a spot outside of the cave you can lay out the wet clothes you should let the sun do the magic of drying the clothes.
  4. If there is a convenient hair dryer and outlet somehow you could attempt that.
  5. Hang the clothes so that part of the clothing is pointing towards the ground in the cave. That lower part of the clothing might dry, or it might just gather all the moisture from the clothing and the upper part might actually dry. Prepare to be surprised.
  6. Wait for the next century if you have time. Perhaps the clothes will be dry then.
  7. Blow on them.
  8. Create an interpretative dance that involves the wet clothing. It is possible that the clothes will dry that way.
  9. Put them on wet and try to use your body heat to dry them.

Any other suggestions?



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