My Second Weekend in Cappadocia

This past weekend I met my dad and his girlfriend in Cappadocia! When I first arrived there they had spent the whole day (Thursday) exploring and getting used to the main Göreme area. It was around 8 pm and we had a dinner together at a place that they had already eaten at. I tried my […]

Izmir and Pamukkale

This is the second time now that I have woken up in the wee hours of the morning on Friday to catch a morning flight. It left at 8:2o from the Ankara airport. My roommate arranged for a taxi to be outside of my dorm for me at 5:15 am. I told the driver “AŞTI gitmek istiyorum” and […]

Showing my Dad METU!

Having my dad here in Ankara was a really great time for me! I really enjoyed showing him around the campus that I have been living at for the past two months. Due to stupid dormitory rules I couldn’t actually show him my room on campus but I did show him my dorm building common areas. […]

A Relaxing Week

I have been relaxing this week for the most part. My guitar class was cancelled on Monday, Tuesday was the day I found out it was minor tissue damage, yesterday all I did was my drama class, and today I watched my handball class and I spent time in the kitchen in my dorm with these […]

My International Birthday

I have been putting off posting this post but now feels like a good time because I have more information, I suppose.. So! Alex and I went for a birthday brunch on my special day, which was nice. When I returned back to my dorm my roommates, Ege and Didem, had left for me a […]

A Quiet Weekend in Ankara

This weekend was rather boring actually. I didn’t think I would be able to get bored in another city on an exchange, and it really hasn’t happened too much, but it does happen! It’s a neat feeling because I really feel like I am living here and not a tourist. This weekend I found an […]